Everything you need to know for Senior/Grad Pictures or Portraits! Please be sure and read the Policy section!


Before you panic about prices, let me reassure you what you are paying for: creativity, instruction, and quality.
Creativity: When I go into each senior shoot I immediately try and get to know you a little bit! Of course I have a mental “shot-list” of poses in my head, but I also want to cater poses that are unique to you.
Instruction: I will tell you everything you need to do for each shot. Where to put your hand, chin, hair, eyes, how to smile, etc. I want you to feel comfortable and as least awkward as possible!! (I know what it’s like to hate having my photo taken. That’s why I take other people’s pictures, lol).
Quality: I choose intentionally the location and timing of each shoot to ensure you get the best photos possible. Most of my time is put in after the shoot when I am editing. For evidence, see the gallery 🙂
Just know I am looking out for your best interest in mind and want to make this a memorable experience for you!! I am more than happy to talk back and forth with any questions or desires that you may need!

+ 45 min.
+ 1 outfit change
+ 1 location
+ at least 50 edited images shared via Pixiset
+ $200

Premium (most common)
+ 1.5 hours
+ 2 outfit changes (3 total)
+ up to 2 locations
+ at least 80 edited images shared via Pixiset
+ $350


  1. A $100 Nonrefundable Deposit is required to secure your date to prevent cancellations. This can be payed through Venmo, Apple Pay, or I will send you a link for check out if card is needed!
  2. If you are late for your session, i.e. arrive at 5:45 for a 5:30-7p slot, the time on the end DOES NOT extend for your lateness. We will still end at the time originated and there will be no price reduction. This is largely do to the fact that I book several shoots back to back and I cannot have the last person be pushed back into past sunset (aka darkness).
  3. If I am late, then I will 100% compensate for my lateness by completing the original time amount booked for.
  4. Full payment is due at session. Cash, Check, or Venmo are the payment options. No discounts are given for senior shoots.
  5. Note that I may end a session 5-10 minutes early if things moved along more smoothly than normal. If I know I got all the shots I want/needed, I will ask you at the end if there is anything you want, and if not- we are good to go!
  6. Anytime you/family/friends post photos you must give me credit (tagging, or simply a mention of my name is fine). If you feel like this will be a problem, I can watermark them if need be.
  7. Unedited photos will not be shared.
  8. Photos will be edited in consistency with my portfolio.
  9. Photos will be sent to you within 7-10 business days for Senior & Engagement shoots and within 3 weeks for weddings.


  • Who picks the location?
    • Some people have places that are sentimental that they want to go to, and I’m open to those options! Otherwise I usually pick them out so that I am familiar with the locations, lighting, and great places with varying backdrops! This is also impacted by how many shoots I have back to back!
  • When can I schedule the session?
    • A lot of seniors want weekends, which is understandable. However since I am also a wedding photographer, it is really unlikely that I’ll have a weekend slot open. Especially during peak wedding season (May-Oct.) all senior photos will likely take place during the week after school. I try to reserve weekend slots for students who are athletes or involved in after school activities that prevent them from being able to do them during the week! I ALWAYS will do whatever I can to get you in. I have never turned away a senior, and don’t plan on it happening! 🙂
  • Can my parents come to the shoot?
    • Yes, BUT, please read the following and assess accordingly:
      For parents of seniors:
      • There is usually quite a bit of walking, and I try to keep a steady pace in order to maximize the photo time I have to get as many photos as possible! Just note this before tagging along- and you might want a comfortable pair of shoes!
      • Please refrain from telling me how to do my job. I know that might sound harsh, but I wouldn’t have to say it if it didn’t happen. I know you want the absolute best for your kids, and honestly, when it comes to photos, so do I! I want to capture the best in them, and make them feel totally comfortable and like $1000 bucks. I hope you can trust me and know I am going to put 100% into capturing your child’s senior photos!
      • SOMETIMES, I have noticed that seniors are way more open to posing and following my instruction when parents are not present. This is a case by case kind of comment! I know for me personally I feel super awkward getting my picture taken when people are watching me, parents or not! So please bear this in mind. I know since you are paying for it you want to make sure I’m doing a good job, as well as you want to be apart of the experience, which are all completely valid. Again, this is case by case, so this comment may not apply to you! It’s just been one of my observations over the years 🙂