Low-Light Wedding Gallery

So, you like my galleries for weddings, but wonder how I’ll do in low-light situations. TOTALLY understandable!! Why don’t I put them in original galleries? I really just love highlighting the couple and the small details since the galleries on my public site are only 10-15 images!

Low-light situations are different depending on pretty much every wedding. For example, some ceremony spaces (mostly Catholic Cathedrals, and occasionally other churches) will not allow me to use flash, nor allow me to get within 20 yards of the stage. These are 100% challenging, for any photographer, especially since churches and ceremony spaces are usually not well lit.

My goal for photographing ceremonies is primarily to, obviously, get every single shot, but I am also concerned with not interrupting the physical view and experience of the people present. I also must abide by the rules of the church, so please make sure you and your pastor/priest communicate about what restrictions they will put on me!

Due to the low-light, no flash allowed policies, and the distance restrictions, the photos will never be like your Portraits. They are an accurate picture of exactly what the space is.

As for Receptions, it’s a different ball game. With flash being allowed, every photo has more of the “party” atmosphere, which is exactly what it is! A celebration!

Enough chat, here are the two different ideas of what to expect in each situation:

Ceremony (no flash allowed):

Ceremony (flash allowed):


These are obviously just a few, but pretty much capture the idea of how I work with low-lighting!!!