Yay!! You either just got engaged, or are looking to get engaged, or just want a fun shoot with your significant other! You’re in the right place! (Please make sure to read the policies as well!)

What in the world can you expect during this?
Lets face it. Posing is NOT everyone’s strong suit, especially when there is not a mirror for you to check and make sure you look right. That’s my job! I will tell you both exactly what to do and how to pose. Does this mean it’s unnatural? Absolutely not. There is a way to pose naturally believe it or not! I want you both to have fun, and have a memorable experience!! The last thing you need is to be worrying if you look awkward! So just come, be yourselves, and I’ll guide you along the way!

Pricing + Packages

Standard (most common)

+ 30 min.
+ 1 outfit change
+ 1 location
+ at least 30 edited images shared via Pixiset
+ $175


+ 1 hour
+ 2 outfit changes
+ 1-2 locations
+ at least 60 edited images via Pixiset
+ $300

Bonus: If you book your wedding with me, you get a standard shoot for free!


  1. If you are late for your session, i.e. arrive at 5:45 for a 5:30-7p slot, the time on the end DOES NOT extend for your lateness. We will still end at the time originated and there will be no price reduction. This is largely do to the fact that I book several shoots back to back and I cannot have the last person be pushed back into past sunset (aka darkness).
  2. If I am late, then I will 100% compensate for my lateness by completing the original time amount booked for.
  3. Full payment is due at session. Even for Senior Deluxe packages. Cash, Check, or Venmo are the payment options. No discounts are given for shoots (other than weddings occasionally).
  4. Note that I may end a session 5-10 minutes early if things moved along more smoothly than normal. If I know I got all the shots I want/needed, I will ask you at the end if there is anything you want, and if not- we are good to go!
  5. Anytime you/family/friends post photos you MUST give me credit (tagging, or simply a mention of my name is fine). If you feel like this will be a problem, I CAN watermark them if need be.
  6. Unedited photos will not be shared.
  7. Photos will be edited in consistency with my portfolio.
  8. Photos will be sent to you within 7-10 business days for Senior & Engagement shoots and within 3 weeks for weddings.