Baby Ezra

The Kurtz family welcomed a new baby boy into this world!! So cool to have done their wedding and now, baby photos! Ezra is the cutest. Congrats to you both!!

Delagrange Family

Snagged some family photos while everyone was in town! Not to mention the appearance of some pretty cute puppies 🙂

The Gaines Family

Dogs should be in every family session- just saying!! I love the families that brace the cold because the snow is actually so pretty for photos!!! Thanks for letting me come and capture these!! 🐶

Surprise, Mom!

Meesh did such an awesome job surprising her mom for her birthday by bringing the whole family together!!! We even managed to stay warm for the pictures this time!! 💃🏼

Fife Family Photos

A pretty fun way to reunite with my first grade teacher!!! Thanks for letting me capture these moments with your family!! And also for dealing with the goofy Indiana weather 😂💗

Ginder Family Photos

Love this family so much 💗 Well, maybe I’m biased 😉 Thanks for braving the cold with me!!

Sister Sister!

This is an example of a quick mini shoot that goes about 20-30 minutes! Riley & Payton wanted to just snag a few photos for Christmas gifts for family! Hope Grandma loved these!! 🙂

Mike & Meesh Family Photos

Loved getting to capture these moments with the Lee family!! The boys hung in there pretty well despite the cold until the end when the chant of the evening became “water and ice cream!”- just the little things 🙂

Baby Jacob

After a little bit of food, we had this little baby all ready for some photos!! Peep the little tail on his outfit 💗

Baby Charlotte

It was such an awesome transformation to have taken maternity photos for the Heil family and then to have also taken some photos after Charlotte had been born! Best transformation ever!

Latimer Family Photos

The sun came out just for a bit so we took advantage of it!! Fun little family photos with Kenzie and Jacob!

Norris Family 🌾

I had the privilege of working under Isaac this summer and meeting his wonderful family! Thank you for letting me capture some of these moments! 

Veith Family 🌾

We weren’t the only ones out taking advantage of this beautiful evening! I have loved knowing the Veith family personally for a few years now, and it was so special to shoot their family photos! Even Daisy, their sweet lab, cooperated with a happy smile 🌻

The Lemon & Bland Family

This family (also my family!!) finally got all 11 of them in one place! This calls for some great beach family photos… oh, and Papa doing a reenactment of the Last Supper 😄

Giveaway Winner: Family Session!

This is the family shoot of the recent giveaway promotion! The Johnston Family shoot had amazing weather, & lots of giggles too! 🌻

DiPrimio Family

Here are some of the DiPrimio’s family pictures from today! (11/6/16) So glad to have Kenzie here with us too this time! 🙂🌻