My name is Ana Pierson and I am a Fort Wayne native! I graduated from Carroll High School in 2014 and proceeded to get my Bachelors from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and graduated in December 2018. Since then I have been spending my time doing photography, making jewelry (chasmscollection.com), loving on a small group of Junior girls, boxing at Lee Bros MMA, and living with my awesome parents until I get a little more life figured out! I love photography because of the interactions I get to have with people. I truly consider these appointments to be exactly where God wants me to be. Because of photography, I have met life-long friends and have witnessed so many people proclaim their love for each other in matrimony. I have heard the hearts of seniors as they embark on a journey into the unknowns of adulthood. I have watched shy, timid people open up in front of the camera in ways they never imagined possible. So many things that come out of creating, and I’ll never be tired of it.

Lets capture these moments together, and hold them forever.

In Him, through Him, for Him,