Hi, I’m Ana!

Ever since I was a kid, I LOVED being behind a camera.

I have grown up in Fort Wayne and graduated from Carroll High School in 2014, and was fortunate enough to be under the teaching of Nicole Croy for 1 semester my senior year (the photography teacher).

As of 2014 I started charging for senior photo sessions and had my first wedding in 2015. I went to college from 2015-2018 (not for photography) in Chicago and was continuing photography professionally and just for fun!

After I graduated I came back to Fort Wayne and went full time with photography as well as launching a full time jewelry business (Chasms Collection)!

In the beginning of my photography career I took photos of anything and everything, allowing any session to come my way! Now that I have both jobs, I have narrowed down my practice to Seniors, Couples, and Weddings.

I love the creative thrill of having new people for each session, but also love the consistency enough to be fully confident in what I’m doing!

It is such a joy to be able to help people capture moments that they wish could last forever. And as of the future end of 2021 (assuming all runs as planned!) I will have photographed 107 weddings. So exciting! It’s thanks to people like you for choosing me to be your photographer! Thank you!